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August 11, 2020
20th Sunday in OT (A)
August 11, 2020

Bishop relieved at appointment of new President


Bishop Francis Alleyne OSB says he is relieved and hopeful after recent events finally brought an end to months of legal battles and one of the most controversial elections disputes in Guyanese history.

According to a Catholic Standard news report, the bishop was asked by Catholic Media how he felt. He responded, “Relief was the first word that came to mind at the end of the five-month period that began with elections and closed with declaration. My sense was that the sentiment of relief was universal. The people of Guyana are to be highly commended for dutifully going to the polls at the beginning of the process and showing great patience through the entire time”.

Bishop Alleyne continued, “The early pronouncements of the new President held my attention as I heard him speak of healing, transparency, trust and unity and that he would reach out to offer this to all the people of Guyana. Hopefully, these words will remain at the fore and become frequently used in every sector of society. ‘This is a new time’ are the words of one of our hymns, when ‘God has set his Spirit-seal’, I pray, upon Guyana,” the bishop said.