Congratulations to Fr Collin Jackson
August 7, 2020
Aught 9th: Come to me over the water
August 9, 2020

August 8th: Because you have little faith

‘If your faith were the size of a mustard seed…’

Matthew 17: 14-20

Recently a friend of mine who was experiencing some problems asked me to pray for her, so I said I would and told her that she should also pray for herself. She answered me that it is better if I pray as I have more faith. At that moment I thought of what Jesus told his disciples: If your faith were the size of a mustard seed…

Often, when we are confronted with a problem, we think we do not have enough faith to tackle it. Just a little faith in God and in ourselves is enough.

I am sure we must have experienced that when we put our minds to something difficult we achieve success. This is because we put our faith in what we are doing. We will not tackle anything if we do not think we can handle it. If we have even a little faith in what we do we can be successful.