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August 4, 2020
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August 4, 2020

Ghurans celebrate 55 years of marriage

Amina and Harry Ghuran were married August 1, 1965. She shares a brief reflection as the couple celebrates 55 years together.

We find life very beautiful and we give thanks to God daily. Prayer, dancing, and children are what kept us together for 55 years. We brought God into our marriage and that bonded us.

Intimacy, communication, and forgiveness are what makes a successful marriage. A married couple must always try to have at least one date a month with each other.

We thank God daily for the success of our children: Salima, Anthony, Dr Azard (UK) and Dr Ebraim Ghuran. We are blessed with our son-in-law: Martin Deane, and our three daughters in law: Alicia, Simone, and Sophia. Our grandchildren: Amanda, Alex, Aidan, Zara, Gia, and Evan.

Oh God, You have created us in love and saved us in mercy and through the bond of marriage You have established the family and willed that it should become a sign of Christ’s love for His church. Shower Your blessings on our family. Enable those who are joined by our love to support one another by their favour of spirit and devotion to prayer. Make them responsive to the needs of others and witness to the faith in all they say and do. Amen.