August 2nd: Food for all
August 2, 2020
Ministry for migrants and refugees highlight concerns
August 3, 2020

August 3rd: We must go to the other side

“Lord save Me.”

Matthew: 14:22-36

Recently I was interviewing a 73 year old male and he said to me,  “Now that I am at this age, on the other side of life, I have recognized a lot of my mistakes and daily pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness”.

In today’s gospel passage we hear Christ telling His disciples to get into the boat and go ahead of him to the other side. They encountered rough waves and strong winds, which led to fear. We too will have negative experiences as we journey.

Jesus came to them walking on the water, as he will always do for us as well; but they did not recognize Him, as is often the case with us as well. We are comforted however, to know he will always say “come”.

The lesson here is that we need to get to the other side to experience Christ’s love and mercy, as He says to us “come”. We all at some time must say “Lord, save me”