Gusty winds damage Maraval RC roof
July 30, 2020
Forty Day Rosary for Life
July 31, 2020

July 31st: Not to be boxed in

God comes to us in unexpected ways.

Matthew 13: 54 – 58

Jesus made such an impression on the people of his hometown they were amazed at his wisdom and miraculous powers. But, no sooner were they impressed by him, they questioned the source of his power and ability.

The passage speaks to the way God works. God does not follow human rules and expectations. He appears as He chooses and works according to His will.

They questioned Jesus’ ability because he was just one of them. If he were a priest or dignitary, dressed in fine linens and looking immaculate they may have accepted him without question. But he was not.

God comes to us in unexpected ways. He may send an act of kindness through a homeless person or through a neighbour who never spoke to us before or through a complete stranger or even through an enemy. God works in His own way. From his birth to his death, Jesus did not fulfill people’s expectations as the face of God.