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July 30, 2020
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July 31, 2020

Gusty winds damage Maraval RC roof

The gusty winds which accompanied heavy showers on Wednesday, July 29 damaged the roof of the Maraval RC Primary School. Consequently, some classrooms were inundated with rain.

This was the result of a tropical cyclone which uprooted trees, ripped off roofs and  caused flash flooding in east and central Trinidad. There were no staff and pupils on the compound of the school because it was closed July 24 after a pupil tested positive for COVID-19.

The principal was notified by residents that part of the roof had blown off and she subsequently notified parish priest manager Fr Ronald Mendes CSSp and Education Ministry officials including someone from the Educational Facilities Planning & Procurement Division (EFPPD).

Fr Mendes liaised with the Head of Department of the school who contacted the Disaster Management Unit of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation. Workers were on site yesterday, (July 30) to survey the roof. They removed the furniture from the classes impacted by heavy showers to a dry area.

Fr Mendes praised the regional corporation whose workers “were very good, and went about the job professionally”. A tarpaulin was being sourced to cover the exposed part of the roof until repairs could be done. Meanwhile, a site visit was conducted Wednesday night by the National Training Maintenance Security Company Ltd project manager. A scope of work for the damage had to be determined.