Stop, reflect, pray for our democracy
July 28, 2020
Human Trafficking Awareness  Training Workshop
July 29, 2020

July 29th: Today, let us seek to get it right!

“… Martha, Martha, he said ‘you worry and fret about so many things, and yet few are needed, indeed only one.  It is Mary who has chosen the better part;…”

Luke 10:38-42

“Wow! Gosh I’m so sorry.” The response I managed as I was berated by my four year old grand-daughter as she interchanged the lamentations of “You coming back now.  Give me one minute. I’ll be back in a bit. You going. You coming back but you not staying with me…”, ending her gesticulated count on her tenth finger. I was not only embarrassed but broken as it was not just my tiny mite setting me right but the Master!
Martha, whose sainthood is celebrated today, although well intentioned in her actions of service and hospitality was unlike Mary who gave her undivided attention as she sat at the Lord’s feet listening to Him.
Have we not all been at times challenged with being like Mary, ‘choosing the better part’, struggling with efforts to be more devout, organised in our prayer and novenas, spending more time with God, reflecting daily on the Word, silent and listening; but our efforts are often circumvented or ever curtailed by “so many things”. Today, let us seek to get it right!