Topic Thursdays: ‘Entanglement? Marriage and Commitment’.
July 17, 2020
July 20th: Discerning God’s will
July 20, 2020

July 18th: Hospitality at all costs.

“Many followed him and he cured them all.”

Matthew 12: 14-21

Today’s gospel passage tells me about the person of Jesus. He knew himself and never lost sight of his mission. He was God’s servant to proclaim the Kingdom of God and he was faithful to the task. He allowed no rule nor law nor guidelines to be considered more important than people.
Throughout his ministry Jesus showed a passion for hospitality. His focus was on the marginalized; they were his first priority and everything else took second or third place. When the Pharisees were plotting to destroy him and he decided to withdraw from the district he did not abandon the people in need; he cured all who followed him.
This passage reminds me that we, the disciples of Jesus are also called to be on mission and as servants of God we are obliged to proclaim the kingdom of God as Jesus did. We proclaim the message of Jesus by our lives when we attend to the dispossessed and the marginalized in very hospitable and humane ways.