The Wonders of Lemon-Grass
June 29, 2020
“Bound In Faith” — Wheelchair Bound With A Voice From God.
June 30, 2020

June 30th: He is in the boat

“Save us Lord! We are going down.”

Matthew 8: 23-27

Whenever I receive an email from my niece, her signature, “Smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors” (African Proverb) reminds me  of today’s  dramatic  Gospel story which is so meaningful in our daily life.

Perhaps this turbulent storm, choppy waters and violent winds served as an initiation for these disciples who followed Jesus into the boat just  after his discourse on the difficulty of discipleship. Could it be an object lesson, indicating that their call as disciples, for which they must be equipped, would be far from smooth sailing?

What do we learn as 21st Century disciples, weathering the global storm of COVID-19 as well as  our own health, financial and relational issues while we  bring hope to others on board? How does the boat of the embattled Church  stem the tide of relativism, secularism, racism  and other ‘isms’ which threaten to engulf  value systems?

What was true then and is certain now, is that Jesus, our first resource, not last resort, is in the boat and can command the elements. We in this together!