12th Sunday in OT (A)
June 17, 2020
Pondering the pandemic and protests
June 17, 2020


His breath was poured into the very being of His image and likeness.
Born to live, move, coexist side by side bring part of this kaleidoscope of His masterpieces.
Fashioned uniquely, beautifully dispersed globally…
Matters not how wide your smile,
How tasty your culture,
How sumptuous your diversity and universality.
Experiences have shaped many a reality of us all who call this gorgeous home from expanse to expanse..
To the various sound instruments we all dance, although uniquely different
You know we were born to coexist and dance together on that tapestry called life….
We were born to be free to make our innermost beauty move hearts, no matter race or place.
No doubt our ancestors fought for the protection of the human sacred ability to breathe, and breathe free.
Now that the echoes of I can’t breathe are resounding on the celestial heights.
Its wings out stretch like an eagle that signals the break of new and life-giving light.
Tis the battle cry of the most well-crafted work of art that walks with a purpose to remind those in the mansion of forgetfulness that IT MATTERS to be human and the one who spoke to the ground, I can’t breathe is and will forever be God’s work of art…
Such lovely and soothing roar of the ocean of those matching, those singing, those letting their deep-seated emotions show in ways never seen and lived before
Brings some much-needed hope to the hopeless.
Some courage to the despondent of heart and soul so forward together they unitedly press on.
When the lifter of my soul causes me, although locked up within the confinement of this virus…
One bigger virus has been crushed in one voice enough is enough…
Freedom is ringing
The world is singing…
Things are changing
Now I can breathe
Mother Earth can breathe.
And every creed and race shall continue to live harmoniously and breathe, breathe, breathe.

By Fr Cornelius Phillip