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June 15, 2020
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June 16, 2020

June 15th: Salvation, the right reason

‘If anyone hits you on the right cheek offer him the other as well.’

Matthew 5:38-42

In Today’s Gospel passage, Jesus commands us to ‘offer no resistance’ and ‘turn the other cheek’. This surely is one of the most challenging Scripture passages for us to put into practice. However, Jesus knowing this, took pains to demonstrate to us exactly how it is done, as he made his way to Calvary. He resisted every temptation to retaliate, showing the example of perfect love and forgiveness because He knew that our salvation was worth much more than hitting back.

It is this perfect love that will allow us, after being hurt, to forgive, and become vulnerable, knowing that we can be hurt again. We are called to live out our mission with love, which means that we may have to be open to be hurt, embarrassed, ignored, laughed at….over and over again. What a tall order! But isn’t our Salvation worth it?

Lord, grant us the grace to always follow your example of perfect love, even at the risk of being ridiculed. Amen.