After 89 days… Communion again
June 11, 2020
June 13th: Attitudes not Laws
June 13, 2020

June 12th: The challenge

Love that is genuine and sincere shows respect.

Matthew 5: 27 – 32.

The word for today is challenge. Jesus challenges us to see purity and respect in relationship as being more than the violation of the physical boundaries through adultery and fornication. These are acts.

Today’s passage speaks of non-physical boundaries such as lust and desire. And so he says that if we look at another with lustful intentions we would have already done wrong. Lust and wrongful desires turn others into objects we fantasize over and use (at least in our minds). Uncontrolled lust and desire can easily become dangerous obsessions. They cause deep hurts to self and others.

The challenge is to love genuinely and sincerely. Love that is genuine and sincere shows respect. It does not degrade. It is gentle. It does not turn others into objects to be used at will. It does not manipulate. It does not destroy.

We all have the capacity to love genuinely and sincerely. It resides in our sense of value and appreciation for others.