Family ritual to plant for Corpus Christi
June 9, 2020
Yearning for the Body of Christ
June 10, 2020

June 9th: Shine, for God’s glory

‘There is no contradiction here; it is a matter of motivation.’

Matthew 5:13-16

Jesus tells his disciples “your light must shine in the sight of men, so that, seeing your good works, they may give the praise to your Father in heaven.” One mere chapter later however, he cautions them against performing righteous deeds for people to see and advises giving alms in secret. To be visible, or invisible? That is the question.
There is no contradiction here; it is a matter of motivation.
Our purpose as disciples is to offer the world the word of life and to advance the kingdom of heaven. We must strive to let our words, or deeds, our decisions in life, be praiseworthy so that our Father in heaven may be glorified. Yes, praise may come our way, but seeking personal attention misses the mark. Our light shines toward our God.
So, are our good deeds for God or for ourselves? What’s your motivation?
Lord, humble my heart. Help me work for your greater glory and the greater good of my fellow pilgrims here on earth.