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June 3, 2020
June 4th: Encountering Christ
June 4, 2020

June 3rd: You are mistaken

Some people feel they are smart.

Mark 12 :18 – 27

Some people feel they are smart. They do not have a full understanding of a concept but they know they don’t agree with it. Then they plan to stump you by asking silly questions
I have to rely on the Holy Trinity when I encounter people like these. I pray to God The Holy Spirit to give me self control , so that I do not say what I am truly thinking.
I then have to beg God The Father for forgiveness for thinking these things.
My prayers then go to Jesus and I ask Him to teach me how to be as humble as He was when He walked the earth. Dear Jesus, I need the grace not to be judgmental and believe I am the only person with integrity on the planet. Please give me the grace and emotional maturity to say: “You are very much mistaken.”