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May 26, 2020
Public Masses resume in Grenada
May 27, 2020

May 27th: Assurance in turbulent times

” I do not ask that you take them out of the world but that you keep them from the Evil One.”

John 16:11-19

In today’s Gospel Jesus is praying for his disciples because he knows that he is going to the Father and that they will have some challenging times ahead.

Couldn’t he have just taken the disciples with him? After all he knows only too well what these men and women have faced and will face? Didn’t he love them enough to just remove them from the perils ahead? He prays instead that the Father keep them from evil.

Jesus would have spent time with the disciples, praying, teaching and preparing them to spread the word, to establish his Church throughout the world. He had finished the work on the Cross and was now returning to His Father. But the work of the Father must continue here on earth. In fact the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, will be there to comfort, guide and direct.

Lord, when I face challenges, lead me to the cross, the message of hope and assurance that I am not facing this alone. Amen.