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May 26, 2020
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May 27, 2020

Safeguard our legacy, support our mission

By Kathryn Tardieu
General Manager,
Catholic Media Services Ltd

May 6, 2020 marked 128 years of uninterrupted printing for the Catholic News. Starting with print media, the Catholic News pursued its mission to share the faith and connect the people of God. Over the years it grew to embrace the digital platforms.

Now altogether it has an audience reaching 30,000+ readers weekly via print, 13,000+ on its website monthly and 15,000+ across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  The sale of the weekly paper financially supports this mission and those who work to make it happen.

Before the lockdown 15,000 copies of the Catholic News were sold weekly, with 85 per cent sold in parishes. With the suspension of weekend public Masses/Services, we immediately experienced a severe drop in circulation.

Over the last two months, through the support of the parish channels and increasing sales in retail outlets we have achieved of 6,500 copies/week. That still leaves 8,500 families unable to purchase a paper because of insufficient delivery capacity and a revenue shortfall over $40,000/week!

This, coupled with a 50 per cent fall off in advertising revenue means that the viability of the Catholic News and the digital ministry that it supports is at risk.

We therefore look to you for support to safeguard the legacy of the paper and to secure the future of its mission. How can you help?

Purchase: Every purchase of the paper is a donation to the mission. Purchase extra copies for a friend or neighbour. This not only supports us financially, but you are also sharing in our mission!

Subscribe:  Give a home delivery subscription to a shut-in or a digital subscription to your children. Did you know with that every subscription you also get free digital access to every paper ever printed going back 128 years on our digital archive? The Catholic News is the only local paper that can boast of this! It’s a great gift!

Donate: If you are as passionate about transmitting the faith as we are then you can donate to the mission to keep it going. No contribution is too small to make a difference.

The Catholic News’ mission is in response to Jesus’ call to go out and make disciples of all nations. A big thank you, loyal readers, for your ongoing support to keep this going!

Visit www.catholictt.org to subscribe, for the list of retailers, for info on making a donation or call 623-7620.

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