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May 26, 2020
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May 26, 2020

FLU reaches out in Maloney

As we attempt to navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maloney Family Life Unit has embarked on a few methods of outreach so as to respond to the needs of families within our parish.

A list with the names and contact information for the elderly from our parish was made and shared on our WhatsApp group chat. Group members contacted them and continue to do so.

Other persons within the parish also requested the information and so they also received calls from other members of the parish. Our Parish Priest, Fr Jason Boatswain also reached out to them. We were able to reassure them, encourage them and to discern and assist where there was need for any further intervention within their family units.

We also embarked on a married couples outreach. A contact list was made with the recently married from the parish. A group of six married couples shared the names and reached out to them. The feedback was encouraging as couples were quite pleased for the interest showed.

We were also able to identify those who needed support in one way or the other and provided same as best as we could. This would be repeated within three weeks.

We reached out to those who are stricken with cancer. Five trained persons, three of whom are registered nurses reached out to this group, through phone contact. These persons were thankful for a listening ear and words of encouragement along with some advice.

We are also in contact with our parish priest who would reach out time and again for support to those who may be anxious or need some sort of clarity with respect to the signs and symptoms and overall dealing with the virus.

We take the opportunity to encourage as many families as possible to participate in the Daily Holy Hour on the parish Facebook page. Families are encouraged to record the family praying the rosary and submit it through WhatsApp and it is used during the holy hour. Our Joy-Filled Marriage programme continues. —Victor & Marlene Bernard, coordinators