May 22nd: He is our All in all
May 22, 2020
A different time for our Muslim community
May 24, 2020

Our seen and unseen kinship with creation

It has taken COVID-19 to show us how interconnected our world is! From China to T&T, the virus has spread from person to person. We have been made aware of the scientific fact that everything is linked to everything.

Where would we be without the sun, moon and stars from which we were born? As Nellie Mc Laughlin muses, “No being exists in the Universe except in the community of the whole…To be is to be in communion, to be in relationship” (Out of wonder Pg 221).

Everything that exists is kin. We share DNA with apes, birds and fish. John Muir, a Scottish American naturalist says,” When you try to take out anything by itself, you find it is hitched to everything else in the Universe” (Out of wonder Pg 221).  Each of the trillion cells of our body can trace the ancestry of each of their elements back to the first moment of creation. Each particular particle’s story is known –how it made connection to another specific particle to form the first atom. How wonderful!

In linking science to faith, we can say that the Spirit is the power of unity scattered throughout the fragments of the Universe. Spirit working in matter through the law of Attraction-Connection-Complexity-Consciousness is the unifying force of creation. Any true spirituality today must be a collective spirituality.

When we connect with our family on WhatsApp or Zoom, line up in face masks to buy doubles, play with our children and our dog, look at the full moon or the flowering frangipani we believe that everything is connected. The kingdom of God is among us. Every hair on our head is counted (sorry to my bald friends!).

The attached illustration speaks to me of our oneness with each other and the Universe. We long for the day when we can hold hands once more.  In the meantime, let us connect with each other and the earth in love and unity. – By Sr Annette Chow SJC, Author Seeing God in All Things Vol I (2014) and II (2019) photo meditations.