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May 13, 2020
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May 15, 2020

Faithful respond: What do you miss most about Mass?

What do you miss the most about going to Mass? The hymns, community, Communion or the homily?

This question was polled by CatholicTT to persons on Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday, May 13.

Facebook results showed that 335 persons missed “everything!”.

One hundred and seventy-three (173) persons said they missed Communion; 85 said hymns; 51 community; and 23 said they missed the homily.

As of today (Thursday 14) the poll garnered 336 reactions, 175 comments and 28 shares. Facebook user Angelina Senior said though she is thankful for the virtual Mass, she truly misses Holy Communion. “…I wish I could reach out and touch Jesus. There is a sense of longing and being there is what I miss,” she commented.

Archbishop Jason Gordon has suspended all Masses and Services effective Saturday, March 14. Catholics were strongly urged to fulfil their Sunday obligation by participating in virtual Mass daily on Trinity TV.

The Archbishop has also invited Catholics to enter into an act of Spiritual Communion—inviting Jesus into one’s heart and soul when receiving the actual sacrament isn’t possible.

Darlene Piper Rousseau said she misses the “reception” of the Holy Eucharist. “There’s a yearning now to be reunited. The community plays an integral part as well,” she said, adding going to the Mount on “a cool” Sunday morning, having breakfast after Mass with other pilgrims was “beautiful”.

For Ronnie Tackoorsingh, he missed “nothing”. He however commented that he has been “empowered” by the Church and is now living on the graces and teachings given.

Candice Clarke Salloum responded “Definitely community”. “Missing Communion but I am actually loving the Spiritual Communion more than I thought I would. I have nothing to replace the loss of community,” she said.

“I miss everything, we never realise how important things are until they are not there,” Pauline Woolford said.

Overall, most persons said they missed the whole Mass experience, but stressed missing Holy Communion, in particular.

On Instagram, a total of 107 persons voted.

Similar to votes on Facebook, majority of the respondents—57— said they missed Communion.

This was followed by community (24), homily (14) and hymns at 12.

In his column ‘What this little microbe is doing to us’, Archbishop Gordon said that this little microbe is teaching us the value of family, the value of the Eucharist—the importance of God.