Poem: Alone
May 13, 2020
Poem: Glory
May 13, 2020

Poem: Through The Storm

By Terryck Torres, poet, Santa Rosa RC, Arima

Every dark stormy night no matter how long

Will always end with a rising sun

The storm in your life will turn and twist

And joy and peace may seem not to exist

Just know no matter how long

The storm will end and you will be made strong

A faith like Job will be given

Yes all will be taken

Except your life which will not be touch

Though the pain and hurt may seem too much

The storm will be long, hard and rough

And yes you may say that you have had enough

Let Peter’s faith guide you through the rough ocean

And thou you may sink, the hand of God will take away all fear’s emotion

The lamb slain on the cross who is the rising sun truly

Got strength in the words “why have you forsaken me”

The executioners where just the hands used by our sins, lack of faith and trust

He was an innocent man filled with compassion and just

He rose again in the calming of the storm

And Hope and peace were reborn

Come out of the tomb of despair

Rise from the rough waters and the heavy rains of the storm and draw near

Near to the heart of God the most high

Do not be afraid of death and never deny

The hand of God through the storm and dark time

For all fell around you without harm coming your way

Every dark stormy night maybe long, lonely and bitter

With Christ as your coming dawn in your life, you will be made stronger