6th Sunday in Easter (A)
May 12, 2020
Celebrating Laudato Si’
May 12, 2020

Seven Penal parishioners receive papal blessings

‘Building Church’, involves much more than works in brick and mortar. Seven ‘church builders’ of St Dominic’s, Penal parish recently received Papal Blessings from Pope Francis in recognition of their dedicated service and faithful commitment over the past 50 years.

The parish extends heartfelt commendations to Norris Lewis, Agnita Hudlin, Felicity Diaz, Monica Aguilera, Pansey Ayres, Mary Hudlin and Valerie Bethel for their sterling contribution!

They would have contributed in no small measure to the vibrancy, level of spirituality and sense of well-being among the faithful of the five communities: St Dominic’s, Penal Rock Road, Platanite, Barrackpore and Morne Diable.

Their ministries collectively spanned a wide range of areas which would have entailed countless hours of work meeting the needs of God’s people. These include playing leading roles in establishing and growing faith communities, prayer groups and service groups, Ministry to the sick and less fortunate, catechesis, liturgy, service to youth and work in the field of education, among others.

Seeds planted by those who went before were watered and nurtured; new seeds were sown; and so, the process continues.

We pray that with all parishioners ‘building church’, ministries in the vineyard of St Dominic’s parish in Penal will continue to flourish through the working of the Holy Spirit and the dedication of all those who now serve. —A parishioner