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May 11, 2020
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May 12, 2020

May 12th: His gift to us

My own peace I give you ….

John 14:27-31

Jesus’ use of the word ‘bequeath’ signals that He is giving us a gift that is precious to Him, as He passes from this life.  Not just peace, but He says ‘my own peace I give you.’ What is Jesus’s peace?  It was the peace between Jesus and His Father.  It is a peace borne out of love.  He says ‘the world must be brought to know that I love the Father.’  Jesus gives us a further glimpse of His own peace….it is a peace beyond the reach of evil.  He explains that the prince of this world, the evil one, has no power over Him.  Lastly, it is a peace that comes from perfect alignment to the will of God the Father.  Jesus explained to His disciples that He is doing exactly what the Father told him.

May we, with open arms and hearts, accept Jesus’ gift to us this Easter and always, the gift of His very own peace, and may we pass it on to others in Jesus’ name.