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May 8, 2020
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Five things to do for your mom on Mother’s Day

This year’s Mother’s Day is shaping up to be quite a challenging one!

While the pandemic will undoubtedly impact Mother’s Day celebrations, it should not stop families from celebrating moms.

COVID-19 has caused us all to adapt and find creative new ways to spend quality time together. Mother’s Day is no exception.

Catholic News has come up with 5 ways to honour the most important woman in our lives—Mom—amidst COVID-19.

  1. Bring the restaurant experience home

Now that you’ve had to cancel the Mother’s Day brunch, lunch and dinner reservations, why not surprise Mom with a five-star restaurant-quality meal from the ambiance of home. In keeping with a restaurant style setting, have Mom, including the entire family, dressed up, as if they were going out to celebrate. Decorate the dinner table with some floral arrangements and dinnerware, from Mom’s kitchen, of course! Present a full menu and have the kids serve as the waiter/waitress.  The result will be a special meal from mom cooked with care and love, served with fun, and eaten in style.

  1. Personalised gifts

Handing your mom a perfectly wrapped, planned-in-advance present just isn’t in the cards this year. In deciding what to customise for Mom, first ask yourself: In what ways am I creative? If you’re into Do It Yourself (DIY) projects then make mom a trendy face mask, with a custom message or design. If you have a printer at home, now is the perfect opportunity to compile a photo album of her favourite photos of family and friends.

  1. Home spa day

Gather all the spa-day essentials and task each family member to pamper mom from head to toe. Maybe one of your family members gives a good massage? With some basic supplies, a few essential oils (which you can find in any pharmacy) and some relaxing music, you can treat mom to a little relaxation without ever leaving the house. This can be a team effort—one person can do the facial and the other can do the pedicure!

  1. Let her catch some Zzzs

Between working from home or either at the office and helping the kids with their online schooling, moms everywhere could definitely benefit from a few extra Zzzs. Coordinate with siblings and members of the household on who’s probably at home bothering her the most these days to give mom an hour or two of silence. Dads too can offer to get the kids up and ready for their online sessions while she sleeps in.

  1. Send a family video message

If you have relatives who are not with your mom to celebrate, have everyone send a video message wishing her a happy Mother’s Day, and compile them all into one video you can either send to her via email or play for her on a device, to watch as a family. The best part? She can watch it over and over, as many times as she likes.

Happy Mother’s Day!