May 8th: Always with us
May 8, 2020
Mother’s Day profile: Elena Villafana-Sylvester, chief executive officer, (FEEL)
May 8, 2020

A blessed moment at Living Water Community

Last week, due to the crowds which had accumulated to receive hampers, police were forced to shut down operations as social distancing was not in effect. This morning, Friday May 8, approximately 20 policemen across three divisions showed up to help organise the hamper distribution efforts.

In a brief interview with the Catholic News, Rhonda Maingot explained that the policemen came to the Living Water Community at 3 a.m. After 800 hampers were given out, they were invited in for prayer and thanksgiving and the result was captured in the video below. “It was so beautiful, a real blessed moment,” Maingot said.

Over that last two months approximately 5000 hampers have been given out to the needy. The numbers this morning at LWC were smaller which Maingot credits to the now-dispersed nationwide efforts to feed those going hungry.

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