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May 6, 2020
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Movies for moms this Mother’s Day

By Juliana Valdez

Under normal circumstances, preparations and grandiose plans would have been in the pipeline weeks ago by offspring across the globe, wanting to ensure that their moms enjoyed a memorable Mother’s Day.

For many mothers, this is the only day of the year some of them will see their children, coming like Santa bearing gifts. But the moms remain appreciative of the efforts and are just happy to see them.

Mother’s Day 2020, being celebrated today, is most certainly far removed from the norm. COVID-19 has seen to that.

While some express the view that every day for them is Mother’s Day, so their moms are always treated well, there are those who, in spite of those sentiments, love the fuss and excitement of making the day extra special for Mom!

Mothers, as we all know, can fall in the category of the biblical quotation of being “people set apart!”. The offspring, regardless of their age, remain mother’s ‘baby’.

The love, care, concern, and consideration for the children’s welfare never stops, and despite the many threats they issue like ‘Who doh hear does feel!’ ‘When yuh get in yuh trouble, doh call me!’ ‘Yuh big enough to know better!’ to name a few, they are always the first to reach out, literally moving Heaven and Earth to ensure the good and welfare of their children.

I recently viewed two movies where the tenacity, fortitude and resilience of two mothers proved to be testimonies of just how far mothers are willing to go and how selfless they can be, when it comes to their children.

A Question of Faith and Miracles from Heaven were aired on the Lifetime channel. The latter is based on a true-life situation, I am not sure of the first.

In A Question of Faith highlights a family bereaved by the death of their twelve-year-old son, caused by a seventeen-year-old teenage driver who ignored her mother’s call to refrain from texting while driving.

The mother’s decision to donate the son’s heart to someone who needed it, caused major consternation among the family members, especially the husband/father and son/older brother who felt that she was not grieving enough.

She even agreed to go to a high school and talk to other teens about the dangers of texting while driving. She formed an NGO to bring public awareness about it. Her efforts were rewarded when many of the young people signed up to be part of the cause.

In Miracles from Heaven, a nine-year-old girl, active in football, horseback riding, working on her parents’ farm, etc, was struck down by a rare condition for which there was no known cure.

The mother literally moved mountains to get an appointment with the only doctor who could treat the condition. A series of events ensued, including the child’s falling down a hollow tree trunk, landing on her head, a fall which the rescuers said she couldn’t survive. The result was that she survived and was found to have no trace of the disease.

On Mother’s Day, we affirm and salute all mothers. In this COVID-19 time, we know how stretched they are trying to keep their families safe, provided for, schooled, entertained, and so much more.

There are no dinner dates, outings, family gatherings and in some cases, not even visits from loved ones. But you know what? God always makes a way where there seems to be no way!

Be inspired to find creative ways to show the love and appreciation to mothers everywhere. They deserve it!