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Breakfast is served through ‘Feeding Jesus’ programme


To assist the less fortunate and alleviate some burden on the most vulnerable in Roseau, a group of Catholics in the diocese has come together to set up a feeding programme called ‘Feeding Jesus’.

The project started on Divine Mercy Sunday (April 19) after discussions with Fr Nigel Karam, dean of the Roseau Cathedral, Fr Brancker John told Dominica News Online.

Fr John said the group is aware that another group is providing lunch, but nothing was being done for them in the mornings.

“So, Fr Karam and I decided to try to organise amongst ourselves to help and thus far, we’ve gotten some great response from about 30 Catholic brothers and sisters and from some others as well,” Fr John said.

He said the meal comprises a sandwich and tea or juice which is distributed at 8 a.m. by the Diocese in Roseau.

Fr John also stated that partners such as Krispy’s, a locally owned fast food restaurant, are coming on board to assist in the preparation of the food. However, he said, most of the preparation is being done by individuals or families at their homes.

According to the online news source, S-Mart Supermarket and Country Style Bread contributed the bread for the sandwiches. “The food is picked up and some others volunteer to serve the brothers and sisters. Cash contributions are also being made to facilitate the purchase of food items, cups and napkins. Last week, S-Mart donated food items,” Fr John said.

Fr John said that most recently, the diocese did the same thing in Grand Bay where they provided lunch for the less fortunate. “…and we intend to do that again the next Sunday and for as long as we can,” he said.

According to Fr John, from the onset of the programme, people have been very grateful and have thanked them for this kind gesture.

He told Dominica News Online that he had a conversation with one of the gentlemen who said that sometimes people look down on them, the less fortunate as if they are not human beings.

“I was moved by his statement,” Fr John said. “It also served as motivation to assist them even more because we are all created in the image and likeness of God. Human life is sacred.”

The Catholic priest also called for the involvement of more churches to aid in taking care of those in need during this trying time and according to him, by doing so, the Christian message will continue to spread as this type of action keeps the gospel alive.

Fr John advised all Dominicans to continue obeying and listening to the guidelines given by the health authorities and use this time of quarantining to exercise their faith. —KJ