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April 28, 2020
God is with us in COVID crisis
April 29, 2020

I want to be ready!

by Raysha Purcell of St Benedict’s parish, La Romaine.

My free will to attend Mass and to even serve as both a Lector and Choir member have both been curtailed by COVID-19. Can you imagine? I had SO many plans!

Yet, there’s a saying that goes like this: “We plan and plan but God is the ultimate planner”. While God may be a mysterious God, His desires for us is good but the evil one is the psychopath, who knows and respects no boundaries in order to deceive mankind. It was all TOO unexpected!

I must state that I was completely oblivious at having to undergo any such experience in my lifetime, and for a while my mind ‘bubbled’ around the fact that COVID-19 is this ravaging, invisible and unpredictable force. It’s confusing but not overpowering for the mighty hands of God.

I now marvel at the insignificance of ALL that is materialistic as I cling to the ultimate source of life—Jesus Christ the Risen King.

As time passed COVID-19 has somewhat restricted my lens for futuristic plans and goals as we are not certain of the state of life going forward. It has truly SHOCKED humanity! Though the state of the future is uncertain, I am truly enjoying a new sense of peace and joy and simplicity in trusting God in a deeper sense. I am enjoying not knowing what lies ahead and just longing for that second chance for us all to bond in unity as children of God.

No more malice, no more animosity, no more selfishness, no more betrayal, no more lawlessness. No more, no more of all that is evil but more of the goodness of God is what resonates in my heart.

Let there now be a yearning for renewal of mind, body, heart, soul and spirit through the invocation of the Holy Spirt and all those who are open to God’s invitation.

There is a new way of life to come and I want to always be READY! Do you?

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