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April 26, 2020
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Bored? How about a trip around Trinidad and Tobago…7 Local Websites Worthy of Your Time

Photo courtesy: https://www.gotrinidadandtobago.com/

So the lockdown has been extended for another two weeks and many have taken to Facebook and other social media platforms in their downtime. Beyond the memes and TikTok videos, there is so much local content to engage the interested Trinbagonian if you know where to look. We’ve curated a list of seven local sites we think are worthy of following and which you can  share with your children or browse yourself. Do you follow any other local websites? Tell us in the comments!


Emperor Valley Zoo

For the animal lovers among us, every day the zoo, established in 1947, uploads a video about one of the animals. Hosted by Zoological Officer Sharleen Khan, the approximately three-minute clips, covers a wealth of information on place of origin of the starring animal or bird, eating habits etc, but presented in a light manner, with the calls of the other creatures in the background.

The zoo can also be found on Instagram @EmperorValleyZoo 

The El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation

Along similar lines, the centre livestreams videos featuring the various animals in their care at 9 a.m. every day, highlighting issues important to the protection of different local species, which means neither hunting them nor keeping them as pets. The centre takes viewers along on adventures as well when they go on rescues. Average video length is 25 minutes; animal rescue videos vary in length.

Fondes Amandes Community Reforestation

This group has been around since 1982 and does stellar work with protecting the forest around St Ann’s and training others. You can read about them here. Their Facebook page is a combination of local and international stories, and videos of the lush green that surrounds the centre. Find them on Instagram here.


Angelo Bissessarsingh’s Virtual Museum of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago has a rich and varied history. Angelo’s research often led down roads less travelled into the little-known characters and sites which dot the country. The Facebook page began in 2010, and the public group allows its members to post their own historical photos and antiques. The page operates like A Wiki, where often members help clarify or identify the usage of any antique item posted by other members.

Geoffrey MacClean

Architect Geoffrey MacClean’s page is another site of fabulous old photos of buildings, faces and facades.

Dominic Kalipersad

@dominickalipersad on Instagram

We know Dominic Kalipersad as a veteran journalist; we may not know that he is quite the historian as well. His pages frequently feature Trinbagonians who have contributed in different fields both locally and internationally. Find him on Instagram here.


Foodie Nation

@foodienationtt on Facebook, Instagram and

Foodie Nation on YouTube

If you need a reminder on how to prepare the best local food, this is the site for you. From Traditional red beans and stew, to pelau, doubles, boil and fry cassava and so much more, Foodie Nation delves into the deliciousness of our creole cuisine. The page also features home cooking from Paramin and San Fernando, the latter done on a mud stove.