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April 19, 2020
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April 20, 2020

April 20th: Learning from Jesus

My secret love affair with Jesus.

John 3 :1 -8

Nicodemus was attracted to Jesus and went to Him in secret. Like Nicodemus, I know Jesus must be from God. I have seen how good God is to me and  to our beautiful country.

I, also like Nicodemus ,  go to God in the night. Yes, I  go to Mass in broad daylight,  but do I  announce it to my friends? Do I encourage my friends to go to Mass with me?

This passage has me thinking of my secret love affair with Jesus. Why am I  afraid to display my time with Jesus  for the whole world to know? I have never taken out my Bible and read it at my desk in my spare time.  I have, however,  taken out the newspaper and read it at work.

I wonder why?

My prayer today is to find ways to bring my relationship with Jesus out of the dark.