Archdiocesan HSE team appointed
April 16, 2020
Bishop’s Easter message focuses on election outcome, coronavirus
April 16, 2020

Update on ‘Donate a device’ for students

Anyone interested in donating devices to help students continue their education while schools remain closed can do so by emailing This was publicised on the Archdiocese of Port of Spain Facebook page ‘Donate a device, Let’s make a difference’.

Following up on his public appeal for computers and smartphones, Archbishop Jason Gordon advised people to check their devices to ensure they are working before donating them.

“Tell us the village where you are, don’t give us an address as yet, we want to know where they are around the country. We will then contact you,” he said before giving the final blessing during the Easter Monday Mass at Archbishop’s Chapel, Archbishop’s House.

The email from will inform on the logistics of the next step in the process. He alerted the public to be vigilant that they respond to the correct address, “if the address that contacts you does not have ‘catholictt’ do not answer it!”.

Commenting on some of the challenges being faced because of the pandemic, he said many people were experiencing hunger and losing jobs. Archbishop Gordon said will also serve as a “helpline”, and a telephone line will be set up for requests for assistance from the Church. Prayer requests can also be sent to the email.