Bishop’s Easter message focuses on election outcome, coronavirus
April 16, 2020
Divine Mercy (A)
April 16, 2020

Nothing can dampen Easter joy – Bishop Nicasio

Bishop Lawrence Nicasio


For many, a house built on sand is sufficient: the hand sanitiser, the mask and food supplies. For others, the concern is more profound. For them, a house built on sand is not the answer.

“They prefer, at a time like this [COVID-19] to build their house on rock, on the Lord. It is clear to me why on many occasions Pope Francis reminds us to not be afraid, to be courageous children of God,” Bishop Lawrence Sydney Nicasio said in his Easter message to faithful of the Diocese of Belize City and Belmopan. The full text of the Bishop’s message was published in diocesan monthly The Christian Herald.

Jesus, Bishop Nicasio said, was focused on a successful mission. He was going to persevere to the end. “Throughout His life on earth, Jesus brought hope and new life to all the people He met on the way. People returned with a stronger faith; they were more courageous; they were more charitable and loving; they were more respectful of others and were more patient,” Bishop Nicasio said.

Ultimately, the Season of Easter reminds all that the sacrifice Jesus made was for a better life for us.

“What is greater than love, God’s love for us?” he questioned. Nothing and no-one, can ignore or put a damper on Easter joy and newness, Bishop Nicasio asserted.

He gave the example that the disciples’ sadness was turned to instant joy when they received the Resurrection news; when they saw the risen Christ; when they shared a meal with Him who is the Resurrection and life.

Like Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, said in his Decree Letter in time of COVID-19, Easter not only gives meaning to all other seasons in the Church, but it gives all meaning to life and to living. Easter, Bishop Nicasio agreed, gives meaning to our lives as we are confronted with this pandemic.

Quoting the closing line of a prayer for the end of the pandemic, ‘We will get through this together’, the Bishop explained that this line is saying that we are a hopeful people; an Easter people; that Easter is always before us who believe in the Lord of Easter.