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April 12, 2020
Lessons from St Benedict during COVID-19
April 14, 2020

Faithful can now explore Mount St Benedict Abbey in 3D.

By Kaelanne Jordan
Twitter: @kaelanne1

This latest update was shared via ‘Mount St Benedict, Trinidad’ and [Abbot] John Pereira’s Facebook page on Holy Saturday.

Persons can access the virtual tour here 

Abbot Pereira told Catholic News that the virtual platform was done in 2017 to allow persons across the world to visit the Abbey. “It has been a wonderful asset during this period when Churches are required to remain closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak,” he said via WhatsApp.

The virtual tour, created by Dingole Ltd, an award-winning local tech company that specialises in Immersive Tech such as virtual reality, allows users to walk through and explore the Church in 360. The Dingole team approached Abbot Pereira with this project to be able to share and preserve “our local heritage through technology”. The project has become relevant now that many across the world are confined to their homes, Abbot Pereira observed.

Virtual reality can be applied to many projects to create fun and engaging experiences. It can deliver 3D walk-throughs, customised experiences, videos and other media.

The virtual tour of the Abbey Church allows users to navigate easily on several devices. They can explore at their own pace and even catch a glimpse of the outside view. Abbot Pereira shared that several other countries are now using virtual reality to showcase museums, historical sites and much more to support social distancing.