March 30th: Neither Do I Condemn You
March 30, 2020
April 2nd: The Word of God is Truth
March 31, 2020

March 31st: Deeply Concerning, Even Frightful, but Reassuring

“As Jesus spoke like this many believed in him”.

John 8:21-30

Today’s gospel is unequivocally apparent as the world is besieged by COVID-19 a global pandemic that has  claimed thousands of lives, very many battling, markets crashed, borders closed, economic activity at an all-time low and many gripped with fear. Deeply concerning and even frightful just as Jesus’ farewell words! Notwithstanding, the conclusion “As Jesus spoke like this many believed in him.” is quite reassuring.

Several times after the disturbing and hard preaching of Christ many believed, their hearts were softened and they were saved. Social distancing is ultimately essential in our fight against this unknown virus; it affords us “extra” time within our Lenten journey to closely examine our lifestyles, our priorities, practices and our allegiances.  How do we spend our time? What are our priorities? What gets postponed? What are we seeking to achieve? Whom do we help?

We should unceasingly place Jesus in our thoughts, words and deeds thus deepening our relationship and creating a healing and liberating experience not only for ourselves but as hope and an example for others.