March 25th: Let us Listen as she did!
March 24, 2020
March 27th: In God’s time.
March 24, 2020

March 26th: The Father’s Acceptance

“There is another who testifies in my favour, and I know that his testimony about me is true.”

John 5: 31-47

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus addresses the Jewish leaders on their unwillingness to accept and believe him. They are learned men who study Holy Scripture and are aware of every law therein, yet they do not have the spiritual eyes to see the Father at work in Jesus and recognize  Him as the Son of God sent to do his Father’s work.

In fact, they see Jesus doing miracles on the sabbath and persecute him. They are enraged when he calls himself the Son of God too. Yet despite their lack of acceptance, Jesus makes it clear that he does not seek human glory. He knows that the One who sent Him bears testimony of who he is.

How many times do we suffer rejection and opposition by our own family members, friends and co-workers?  Rejection can break the heart, but we are called to let it go, keep moving and be assured that our confidence is in God the Father.