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March 20, 2020
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March 20, 2020

Pregnancy resource centre promotes life


The Seed of Life Pregnancy Resource Center is powerfully demonstrating that most women, when given a real choice and some extra support, will choose to keep their baby.

Founded in 2001, the Center responds to the needs of those involved in a crisis pregnancy. It encourages informed decision-making by providing information on abortion and available alternatives on abortions. There are two centers, one in Belize City, and one in Benque Viejo del Carmen.

St Teresa of Calcutta Casita, which is a branch of the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church, is also sharing its interior with the Seed of Life. The Casita underwent tiling and renovations on the section that is currently being used for a place for ultimate bonding between a mom and unborn child.

The Center recently received a donation of an ultrasound machine, according to diocesan monthly The Christian Herald report. There is also a registered ultrasonographer who has worked many years abroad and is a born Belizean who returned to serve in the Center’s mission.

“She was here to train medical staff in non-diagnostic ultrasound imaging for our at-risk women. She said so many times in her career how coldly these desperate women are treated when contemplating what to do about an unexpected pregnancy,” the article said.

From the very first instance that the ultrasound transducer reveals the amazing uniqueness of the baby, the last thing most mothers want to do is abort that child.

The bonding is so real and so powerful, some cynical medical professionals will tell the ultrasonographer not to show the mom her baby, if they believe she should terminate the pregnancy for whatever reason, the article said.

The Center boasts that they have rarely seen the kind of passion the counsellors at Seed of Life, like Judy Vasquez in Belize and the coordinator in San Pedro, have for this essential and priceless mission. The Seed of Life Pregnancy Resource Center is currently planning several events including visits to high schools to promote life.

The counsellors said they are blessed and honoured to have the incredible support of their community and Church.