Chaos outside, meditate to find Jesus inside
March 13, 2020
The plight of Poole RC
March 13, 2020

St Peter’s RC students ‘aspire to be’

On Thursday, February 20, St Peter’s RC, Point Cumana, held its annual Carnival celebrations. This year the school band’s theme was I Aspire to Be… which allowed students to think about their future.

Occupations such as protective service members, sportsmen, teachers, designers, hairdressers, astronauts, doctors, lawyers and many more were displayed in creative ways. This exercise provided an atmosphere for all stakeholders in the community to support in different ways.

This year, we had an even greater presence of fathers giving support as the band paraded through the streets of the community. Thanks to staff, students, parents and the community at large for their overwhelming support of our annual venture which gives credence to the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Once again, we can proudly say: Well done, Point Cumana!   —A teacher