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Archbishop Pantin beatification cause continues

The cause for beatification of Archbishop Anthony Pantin will continue throughout this year. The Catholic community in Trinidad and Tobago is being asked to offer prayerful support throughout the process. Archbishop Pantin died 20 years ago on Sunday, March 12, 2000; he was 69 years.

Postulator for the Cause, Fr Christopher Lumsden said witness interviews were “at least 90 per cent” completed. The public was invited to give information on Archbishop Pantin in relation to his “heroic virtues”, any miracles and power of intercession.

Archbishop Pantin’s writings are being reviewed by theological censors to ensure there is nothing contrary to the faith and good morals. Fr Lumsden said the process is confidential and persons conducting the inquiry must sign oaths of confidentiality.

He asked the public to continue praying for the cause of the Servant of God—Pantin. Fr Lumsden also appealed for prayerful support for himself and the others describing the work required as “intense”.

According to the Norms to be observed in inquires made by bishops in the Cause of Saints from the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints, witnesses must be eye witnesses and “if the case warrants it, second-hand witnesses may be added”. All must be trustworthy.

The first witnesses proposed comprise blood relatives and relatives through marriage, friends, acquaintances. A significant number of the proposed witnesses must come from outside “any institute of consecrated life” to which Pantin belonged.

Persons not allowed to testify as witnesses are: priests from whom Archbishop Pantin received the Sacrament of Penance, regular confessors or spiritual directors “with regard also to all those things which they learned from the Servant of God in the forum of conscience outside the Sacrament of Penance” and the postulator of the cause during his term in this position.

Witnesses must swear an oath when giving their testimony and are required to indicate the “source of their knowledge of the things they assert; otherwise, their testimony is to be considered of no value”.

The Norms state the inquiry into miracles is to be instructed separately from the inquiry on virtues or martyrdom and conducted according to prescribed norms.

The first phase of the cause for beatification, the Diocesan Inquiry was started under Archbishop Joseph Harris after receiving approval from the Holy See in 2013. The canonical process is under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Port of Spain since Archbishop Pantin died in Port of Spain.

The official opening of the Inquiry into the cause was announced in a letter to clergy, religious communities and faithful November 25, 2013 and a solemn Mass celebrated December 9 at Our Lady of Fatima RC Church, Curepe. Members of the tribunal appointed to conduct the investigation received their mandates at the Mass.

– Lara Pickford-Gordon

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