Inspiring others through Children of God
February 29, 2020
More silence, less talk at St Theresa’s all-night vigil
February 29, 2020

Evening of praise and worship at St Anthony’s

The courtyard of St Anthony’s RC Church, Petit Valley came alive when the cluster of St Anthony’s RC Church, Church of the Nativity, St John the Evangelist and Our Lady Mother of Mercy came together on Friday, February 7 for an evening of praise and worship.

Many came out to experience the evening and to give praise and worship to Christ. The young, not so young and families lifted their voices and hearts in praise and worship.

Moderator of the Diego Martin/Petit Valley Cluster, Fr Christopher Lumsden, began the proceedings with a prayer inviting the Holy Spirit to come among the people of God present.

The 9.30 a.m. Choir of St Anthony’s was the first group to lead the praise, followed by a song from Douglas Mayers. Immediately after, the young people took over, with the Youth Choir of the Church of the Nativity, Crystal Stream encouraging the young people to get moving and all of heaven came down when the joint choir of JSOY (Jesus Save Our Youth) and St John the Evangelist began singing.

It was so uplifting to see young people with their eyes closed, hands, hearts and voices lifted in worship. People were moved to their feet and with outstretched arms joined in singing the popular praise and worship songs.

Fourteen-year-old Zane Frederick of St Anthony’s said, “I found it was fun… I got to feel the emotion and the spirit moving as everyone got into it.”

Parishioner of  St John’s, Aliyah Maynard shared the testimony of her conversion from Islam to Catholicism and her experiences of goodness and mercy since making the decision to follow Christ.

Sean Fournillier, coordinator of the JSOY Ministry also shared his testimony of how God kept him alive for his purpose in serving youth.

The feedback from persons who attended was overwhelmingly positive, some even asking when they could expect another Praise and Worship evening.

Attendee Loudriss Hinds said, “Tonight was an amazing night for me. It was unexpected because I found out about it late, but believe me, my son and I enjoyed every moment of it!”

—Hakeem Williams