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February 21, 2020
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February 21, 2020

Online seminar to develop Caribbean Church communications

The Bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) have sounded an abeng (horn)— for a new way of communicating and a call to action throughout the Caribbean.

Through its pastoral letter New Ways of Being Church in a Digital Milieu, the bishops have developed and implemented a free online seminar, offered through the University of Dayton, which seeks to provide the “right lens needed to see and embrace” the use of technology in communicating the gospel.

The three-week programme, from March 1–21, is carefully crafted to ensure that each participant understands the mission and developments of the 21st century Church, the implications for the region and the necessity of embracing technology as an effective tool for faith sharing. Each week select articles from the Pastoral Letter are examined and discussed. This is not an abstract activity as participants are expected to examine these articles alongside the current methods of communication in their diocese, determine new initiatives that will aid in the fulfilment of the mission of the Church, while looking ahead and taking steps to design an integrated pastoral plan.

Designed and coordinated by Sr Angela Zukowski from the University of Dayton Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) programme, the methodology utilised in the delivery of the online seminar mirrors the dynamism which the Bishops of the AEC want the laity to embrace in their diocesan communications. This includes discussion boards, emails, online chats, YouTube videos and PowerPoint.

For those who consider themselves not too tech savvy, the presentation of the online platform is easily accessible, and each discussion/activity emerges from a mere ‘click’ of the mouse.

The online seminar is a call to action as it energises participants to understand the language of youth and find creative ways to utilise social media to spread the gospel.

The Bishops of the AEC have used this avenue to ensure that the regional Church changes its old ways of thinking and moves towards ensuring the successful use of technology in 21st century evangelisation.


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