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February 13, 2020
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February 13, 2020

Tune in to, Talk Yuh Talk—watch, listen and learn!

We can all see it: Fr Robert Christo or Fr Matthew d’Hereaux mingling with people on the streets—drinking coconut water at the Queen’s Park Savannah, talking to vendors, eating doubles in St James. Put them together and you have hilarity, and teachable moments, too!

Get ready for Talk Yuh Talk with hosts Vicar for Communications Fr Christo and Vicar for Vocations and Priestly Formation Fr d’Hereaux engaging “people on the ground” and applying Church teachings to social issues.

The pilot will air Tuesday, February 18 at 8.30 p.m. on Trinity Television. A promo will air that morning on TTT. The first topic discussed is ‘Celebration’, a timely subject as the country prepares to celebrate the festival of Carnival on February 24 and 25.

The next episode ‘Dynamic Catholics’, is topical as the Archdiocese engages Catholics using Matthew Kelly’s book ‘Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic’. ‘Greed’ will be the third installment.

Fr Christo emphasised that the series combines catechesis and an “evangelical thrust towards Christian formation”. Fr d’Hereaux said it aims to raise consciousness about issues impacting the society, “making an attempt to prevent social numbing to what is going on around us and in us”.

It targets people of all faiths, “no faith at all, who are fence sitters on social issues” to get everyone thinking, talking, reflecting and acting on issues that are hurting society.

The programmes feature interaction with T&T nationals in the diaspora—England and the United States—and locally. Fr Christo described the filming which was done in one day as “stressful”, then laughed and added, “No! creatively, it was stimulating”. He said, “Matthew and I will use different caricatures, costuming to reflect the theme.”

The idea for such a programme was always in background of Catholic Media Services Ltd’s (CAMSEL) “strategic thinking” of bringing the faith “to the streets”.

Fr Christo said the programme is in solidarity with Pope Francis’ call to have a listening Church, with the local context of a “Church on the road”. Fr d’Hereaux said the idea came about “partly through a desire to honour the memory” of his brother Robert d’Hereaux who died two years ago, with a talk show programme dubbed ‘Robert and Matthew’ dealing with the “application of Church teaching to social issues”.

Fr Christo liked the idea but felt the title should be changed and this was how ‘Talk Yuh Talk’ came about. “Morning neighbour” was a “serious contender” he quipped.

Asked about his rapport with his brother priest, Fr d’Hereaux said, “I love working with Fr Christo because he is so full of life and brings out my own energy and creativity. For example, I am in charge of costuming and character. Every show would feature a costumed character as the conversation opener for particular topic being explored”.

He added that this creative side would not have been harnessed if not for Fr Christo and his energy.

Tune in to, Talk Yuh Talk—watch, listen and learn!