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February 6, 2020
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February 6, 2020

‘No man left behind’ – men’s conference in March

NO MAN LEFT BEHIND! This is the pledge that over 1,200 men, young and mature, will make on Sunday, March 22 at the Centre of Excellence for the first Annual National Catholic Men’s Ministry (NCMM) Men’s Conference (See ad page 22).

This is the theme of the day and of the mission going forward. We will gather as fellow soldiers under the patronage of our spiritual ‘Brigadier General’, Archbishop Jason Gordon.

Too many of our brothers have fallen on the wayside due to sin, guilt, low esteem, regret, addiction, violence, woundedness and shame, and they’ve been left alone…forgotten!

We must remember our brothers; we must seek them out and strengthen the ranks of the Army of God. There must be no collateral damage in this ministry!

This journey of holiness is not between you and God alone. This has never been the modus operandi of Jesus our divine Chief and Major General. He built Himself an army…an army of disciples and instructed them to do likewise in making disciples of all nations.

He sent them out in twos, never alone, because He wanted them to have no man left behind. If one should fall the other would pick him up and carry him if necessary until he could stand again and possibly return the favour.

We are in a war, a war that is primarily waged against the family.

Through a host of reasons many men have gone AWOL from their posts as protectors, and their wives, girlfriends and children have been captured and imprisoned by neglect, poverty, loneliness and exploitation.

The NCMM is calling ALL men to get back to their posts, stand guard, become men of God, let His Word transform you, and help a brother to do the same. It is the only way we can save our families, our Church, our communities and our nation.

Men must embrace their vocation, become soldiers for Christ and His Church, and in so doing teach our sons to be the same. We must always remember that our sons watch what we do…not only listen to what we say.

Conference registration will begin at 800 hours (8 a.m.) and Holy Mass celebrated by Archbishop Jason at 1700 hours (5 p.m.). Vibrant men’s music ministry will be experienced at this event.

In addition to our dynamic international speaker from the United States, Deacon Ralph Poyo, we will also have workshops and other interactive sessions. With targeted precision, we also have planned activities for young men between 18 to 35 years old.

This is a national event and we are making every effort to ensure that our troops from Tobago are present for the Roll Call.

As part of the mission brief the NCMM Leadership Team will roll out our 2020 battle plans, which will deeply impact the way we live our lives as male missionary disciples in our country of Trinidad and Tobago.

The ticket for this dynamic event will cost $100 and will be available soon.  Lunch and beverages will be on sale.

Don’t miss this one!  Invite your fathers, sons, brothers and friends…invite them all.

On Sunday, March 22, we leave this extraction point a renewed battalion with no man left behind! St Joseph pray for us!