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Teaching emotional intelligence

By Renée Smith
Email: comms.camsel@catholictt.org
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The Archdiocese continues to ensure the developments surrounding Catholic Education in Trinidad is ideal from now to 2049.

The new year called for a refresher with the Association of Catholic Principals (ASCP) on January 22 at St Benedict’s RC, La Romaine. Principals of both primary and secondary schools were guided by the theme, Leading social transformation for 2049.

Feature speaker, Archbishop Jason Gordon reminded the educators a Catholic school’s mission is not only about academic success but to fulfil the mission of graduating a child who “understands their vocation not just as children in a school but adults in society”.

With the rapid evolution of technology, the world of 2049 will be unrecognisable, the Archbishop said. “This is something we already know and we have to prepare for emotional intelligence diminishing and human spirituality being dwarfed.”

Though daunting, the Archbishop encouraged the group of over 50 principals, “If we do what we are planning here properly and well, it will be a nation that we are building.”

The Archbishop emphasised emotional intelligence (EQ) was at the heart of their leadership in education. He said the society needs to remove the myth that children who are “bright” are the only ones to become successful.

Instead, educators need to help foster emotional intelligence in their students. “The first things children need to learn is not the alphabet and numbers but how to put space between stimuli and its response.”

He went to say, “If success is related to emotional intelligence, our schools have to be experts in teaching emotional intelligence to our children… we are going to 2049 because we have to be able to create a family of values if we are to anchor these values in our children as they prepare for the world that is coming. We have to help them live their vocation in that world.”

At the end of the conference, he challenged those gathered to do more research on EQ and asked them to continue building their relationship with God. He then led a Christian meditation session which he believes encompasses both.

Also present at the conference were the Catholic schools’ vicariate managers, and Catholic Education’s Board of Management CEO, Sharon Mangroo.

Framework of Catholic

Education for the Archdiocese

of Port of Spain

  • Mission: Each student living their

vocation in the world of 2049

  • Culture: A community of lived values
  • Core business: Vocation/Formation
  • Organisational type: Learning community (The Peter Senge model)