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January 30, 2020
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January 30, 2020

Let’s talk finances

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Welcome to your Dollars and Sense. I’m Finbar Garcia, your personal Financial Adviser. With 23 years’ experience and having both assisted clients and trained many persons in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry, it’s time to share.

We will be discussing the many financial issues that affect all of us as we enjoy this beautiful God-given life. Some of the topics you will read about are:

  • Preparing a Budget
  • Creating an Emergency Fund
  • Education Planning
  • Vacation Planning
  • Buying your first home and the requirements needed
  • Retirement Planning
  • Health Care and Long-Term Care
  • Investments and Inflation
  • Employee Benefits and You
  • Asset Accumulation and Distribution
  • Business Insurance and its effects

There are many more we will chat about over time.

One of the areas that you will read about is the ‘Time Line’, which is a key component in establishing where you are at now and where you want to be in the future. Planning from young will always give you the edge over starting later in life.

Another area is your ‘Human Life Value’. While no-one can or should put a value on your life, this concept deals with your INCOME. Many years ago, there were larger families, six, eight, even ten children in a household. However, with the change in lifestyles and many career-driven individuals, there are smaller families and to compound this people are living longer which could create other issues for the next generation.

While this may be ideal for many, the long-term effects can be disturbing if proper planning is not done now.

Another area that must be considered is your family history…longevity, onset of health issues (if any), dying too soon or living too long. As many of us may have noticed or even experienced, the changes in Life Cycle Development, where some people are becoming grandparents at an earlier than expected age, can create more issues as we attempt to plan ahead.

This is just a snapshot of what we will be talking about in more detail. Until next time, have a wonderful week.