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January 30, 2020
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COR – simply beloved

It was so fitting that the 40th Anniversary Mass for COR (Christ in Others Retreat) in Trinidad and Tobago was held on the weekend of the Baptism of our Lord. Celebrated by Archbishop Jason Gordon, the message of the weekend fit perfectly with the meaning behind COR.

“This is my son, the beloved, my favour rests in Him.” This line taken from the gospel has a special word that uniquely describes this retreat: “beloved”.

COR is a weekend where you encounter love. You come to understand and believe you are loved regardless of your past, your actions or your mistakes. You feel that love from our Lord and those around you; you learn to love your peers and family on a deeper level and this in turn strengthens your divine love for our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The anniversary celebration at Our Lady of Fatima RC Church, Curepe brought together COR participants from all over the country who filled the church with that love.

COR leadership

Joy was the atmosphere as we greeted our loved ones and rekindled our sparks with those who we may not have seen in a long time. There was representation from the very first COR held in Trinidad and Tobago to the most recent one held just last year, and it was a sight to behold as participants glowed and embraced each other.

Testimonies were given on personal experiences and what COR did for us. It was heartwarming to hear and see persons describe what an impact COR had on their lives.

The common message: a willingness to cling to our Lord, to be a better witness and disciple of Jesus Christ and most importantly, to love others despite it all and will the good of the other always.

The COR family present at the Mass was also encouraged by the Episcopal Delegate for Youth, Taresa Best Downes to spread the feeling that we had present at the church, with our family and loved ones and by extension the members of the Church.

She urged that we live out the love with family in our homes and pass it on so that the Church can receive this new awakening.

His Grace also encouraged this and made a special appeal that we become more active and involved members of the Church by joining a ministry.

COR weekend is a weekend that once you’ve experienced it, you’ll always remember, but to keep the spark alive it is also up to us to continue being involved in the Church, so the fire never burns out.

The 40th celebration of this wonderful retreat was one to remember for a lifetime. COR has lasted and sustained itself in our country and by extension the region, only by the grace of God and we thank Him in everything that we do for allowing this event to touch the lives of so many people.

A heartfelt thank you also goes out to the members of the COR Archdiocesan Coordinator Team for being living witnesses of what COR can do and for always going above and beyond to ensure the true message of COR reaches every corner of Trinidad and Tobago. God bless you all.

— Jenna-Leigh Metivier