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Nelson Street Boys thank Dr A Norman Sabga

The principal, teachers, students and parents of Nelson Street Boys’ RC Primary wish to say a heartfelt thanks to Dr Anthony Norman Sabga for his most generous and appreciated donation, made in the memory of his father, Dr Anthony Sabga ORTT, towards the refurbishment and outfitting of the school’s science lab, which was officially available for use on November 6, 2019.

Dr Anthony N Sabga (deceased) made his pledge to improving his alma mater in his ailing moments.

After the senior Sabga’s death, Dr A Norman Sabga (son) in consultation with another of the school’s stakeholders (The ESIMAJIE Foundation) decided to give this generous donation. It is only fitting that the science lab be named after Dr Anthony N Sabga to honour his generosity and legacy.

In terms of the boys’ scientific curriculum development, they can now participate in, and experience, the effects that science has on objects, liquids and organisms in their environment.

The boys can now see the litmus test before their eyes, they can now actively separate solids from mixtures and they can now dissect and look at the smallest parts of a flower using a microscope.

Students are no longer crammed around the teacher’s desk jostling for a chance to witness, or participate in, practical experiments. They can now sit and perform these experiments on their own, using their very own equipment provided in the science laboratory.

The donation has helped to purchase new furniture, equipment and numerous teaching aids. All are geared to enhance the students’ experience over their current tenure and for those to come.

The students are eager to use the new lab so that they can do their own bridging of that gap found between theory and reality, which is vital in meeting curriculum needs.

The benevolence to his father’s first school will go a long way in changing the community’s mindset towards science and technology through education. But more importantly it will make all the difference for the boys who attend Nelson Street Boys’. —Maritza Garcia-Lewis, teacher