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January 10, 2020
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January 10, 2020

Can the pill affect how you think?

As this New Year begins, may our vision truly be 20/20 in seeing and doing our best to promote and support all that is good.

One good thing to get behind is Natural Fertility Regulation! Here is what we offer at the Billings Ovulation Method Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BOMA-TT). There are teachers who can walk with the woman or couple each learning step of the way in understanding and applying this Method with confidentiality assured. We have an online charting system, an app, books, booklets and paper-charts, and everything needed to practise this all-natural, highly effective, no-drugs, no-devices, practical method of postponing pregnancy, achieving pregnancy and/or monitoring reproductive health.

Millennials’ desire to use the pill is decreasing. Don’t celebrate just yet though. According to an online Cosmopolitan article, ‘Are Young Women Totally Over the Pill?’, their desire is to go on the get-and-forget versions of hormonal birth control due to their not being able to remember to take the pill every day at the same time.

There is more, however, that millennials need to consider: Dr Sarah E Hill, a professor of Social Psychology in Texas, has recently written a book How the Pill Changes Everything: Your Brain on Birth Control.

In it, she implores public discussions around how hormonal birth control affects “women’s thinking, emotions and behaviour”. Greater and greater numbers of studies are revealing the shocking effects these powerful drugs might have on some women.

In an article from The Guardian online written about the book’s findings and the author’s thoughts, it repeatedly acknowledges that not all women have these side-effects. However, according to the article, “the stress hormone profile of pill-taking women, research suggests, is similar to people who have experienced chronic stress.”

Women’s “immune system, learning and memory” are also impacted on, according to research reviewed by Dr Hill. The risk of suicide among 15 to 19-year-old women is “also more than twice that of non-pill takers”! None of these findings are simple, non-life interfering effects that can simply be ignored by any person on hormonal birth control, even if they take it for medical reasons.

We have written on numerous occasions that the Catholic Church does not teach that women cannot take hormonal treatment for diseases. It is only intentional contraceptive usage that can be problematic. Anyone on hormones should take heed, however. The article ends with a call for more research on non-affecting birth control.

The good news is that the Billings Ovulation is well-researched for over 60 years and is highly effective with 99 per cent efficacy in postponing pregnancy once the Method guidelines are followed.

We have a tremendous amount of work to do for everyone to hear about the Billings Ovulation Method. In a recent visit to a public hospital, a nurse was asked if she had ever heard of the Billings Method for regulating fertility naturally without drugs or devices. She replied “Never”!

To help us get the word out, invite us (BOMA-TT) to visit your parish to give a talk or participate in a panel discussion.

When you help us financially, we can tell more young people about the virtue of chastity, which teaches the gentle discipline of abstinence before marriage, prepares them for marital fidelity, discernment of their vocation or openness to a religious vocation. Chaste living offers young people the ability to be the best-version of themselves for the sake of the Kingdom!

For the general public, please consider donating to help us advertise the availability of this wonderful Method in various advertising campaigns. We would love to hear from you.


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