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January 3, 2020
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January 3, 2020

Two new books from Archbishop Gordon

Meditations in the Upper Room and Teach Us to Pray- A Little Book on Christian Prayer are two new books written by Archbishop Jason Gordon.

Archbishop Gordon stated in the prelude to Meditations that it is written in the first person with Mary as guide.

Not claiming to have had an apparition, nor claiming the status of locution or revelation, the book is the “fruit of meditation”, the result of a silent retreat at Georgetown University, Washington US, July 2019.

The text focuses on the events in the ‘Upper Room’, formative years of the Church, during Holy Thursday to Pentecost and invites readers through meditations “to enter the story as if for the fist time”.

Archbishop Gordon stated, “By taking poetic license with a text or a series of events, the hope is that it will fire the Catholic imagination and move it to deeper discipleship”.

Among the eight chapters are: ‘Mary’s Way’, ‘The Upper Room’, ‘Bread of Life’ and ‘A New Birth’.

A Little Book on Christian Prayer is the Archbishop’s way of inviting “the whole Church to this necessary practice of discipleship”. It approaches prayer from different perspectives. Contents include, ‘Why Do We Pray’, ‘Prayer – Covenant and Communion’, ‘Discernment of Spirits’.

The Archbishop’s books are expected to be available at: The Liturgical Commission Bookshop, Catholic Centre; The Sanctuary of the Holy Family, 44 Diego Martin Main Road; Dominican Book Centre Limited, Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin; Living Water Community Book Store, 109 Frederick Street, Port of Spain. Other bookstores will be approached soon. Both books are also available on Amazon.