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January 3, 2020
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January 6, 2020

Championing the Good News in Santa Rosa

By Renée Smith
Twitter: @rsmith_cntt

How have you been sharing the Good News lately? With a smile, a shout? With joy?

When something exciting happens in our life, it is only natural for us to burst at the seams to tell someone about our news. This is the same energy given by the Catholic News’ sellers of the Santa Rosa parish, Arima.

This team of vendors led by Mary Marcano takes their “job” of selling the Catholic News seriously. At most churches, sellers can be found at the main entrance of the church but at Santa Rosa, it is difficult to miss their unconventional methods of selling.

When visiting the Arima borough, in the vicinity of the church, you can find a vendor at every corner inside and outside of Santa Rosa RC. For years, the vendors have adopted this strategy to ensure every parishioner within reach can get a copy.

“When selling we don’t usually wait for the readers to come to us, but we try to get the papers to them,” one seller, Frankie Subar shared.

“We walk in the streets saying, ‘Good morning! Here’s the Good News. Get your Catholic News!’”

Subar added that the vendors also take the time to know the product they were selling.

To our sellers

All of us can remember several times in our life when we got excited and could not wait to share our news. Bring this excitement to selling the Catholic News—your paper!
Like Santa Rosa, do not cease telling others about it using different methods.
As the paper evolves, we also want to empower you to make a difference!
We are encouraging all sellers of the Catholic News to get each parishioner in their parish to purchase the paper.

In return, you will get cash towards a needy cause in your parish

Promotion details:

  • Increase your parish’s Catholic News sales by 25 per cent or more over the period November 10 to January 26.
  • Growth targets for each parish will be communicated directly to the sellers and parish offices during this month.
  • Parishes will be awarded cash prizes based on the percentage growth achieved by the end of the promotion period.


  • 1st prize – $2000
  • 2nd prize – $1500
  • 3rd prize – $1000
  • 4th prize – $500

The team of Catholic News’ top sellers will also be invited to breakfast with the Archbishop.