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An Advent touch to your home décor

The season of Advent is once again upon us. Advent commences four Sundays before Christmas and is a very important time in the Catholic Church as it celebrates the coming of Jesus into the world.

During Advent, scripture focuses on faithfulness, hope for eternal life and reminisces on the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and His second coming.

It is also a period where we can fast while we prepare for the coming of our King. The Advent wreath is a special crown made with green branches (signifying hope and signs of life) of a coniferous tree and decorated with red ribbon, pine cones, holly and even mistletoe.

The candle colours are traditionally purple/violet, pink and white. Four candles sit on the wreath and one is lit on each Sunday of Advent and the final white candle, which is placed in the middle of the wreath, is lit on Christmas Day.

To bring Advent alive in your homes this season, incorporate the colours into your décor and garden by trying these tips:

  1. Purple/Violet—The primary colour of Advent, purple/violet symbolises the preparation for the coming of Jesus into the world. For a splash of purple, purple petunias and purple orchids will be a wonderful touch.
  2. Pink—Apart from pink poinsettias, there are many other beautiful flowering plants that give you the warmth of the season. Try pink pentas, pink petunias and even pink roses as centerpieces for your holiday tables.
  3. White—This candle is called the ‘Christ Candle’ and represents the life of Christ. The colour white is for purity. White lilies, jasmines, white orchids and white roses are all beautiful.
  4. Let’s not forget lots of green—Evergreen plants, such as mistletoe and holly, have been used in many traditions around Christmas time. Artificial versions of the plants can be found everywhere at this time of year.

For a pop of green in your homes or as a gift, Italian cypress, Arbor vitae (Thuja) and Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla) are perfect plants for these.

Celebrating Advent is an excellent way to prepare your mind and heart for Christmas.  In addition, your guests will be blown away with these personal Advent touches to your home.

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