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November 28, 2019
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November 28, 2019

Holiness your highest purpose, youth told at St Theresa’s ministry fair

A November 15 ministry fair at St Theresa’s Parish, Woodbrook, was the platform from which Archbishop Jason Gordon called about 150 parishioners and guests to holiness.

“To become a saint is your highest purpose,” Archbishop Gordon said. “To know your purpose is your highest calling.”

Directing his comments chiefly to Confirmation candidates and other assembled youth, the Archbishop advised, “There are two ways to live: how you want to— ‘Just do you’! Or, live as God is asking us.”

In order to discover one’s calling, he added, it was necessary to have God at the centre of one’s life.

“This time of your life is about bending your steps to what God wants… to get to know God more, getting closer to God.”

To do this and discern the purpose for which God has set each person aside, Archbishop Gordon suggested prayer, service and community.

“If we begin and end our day with prayer, the day will be filled with God’s grace,” he said. Then, “Put yourself to service; be of service to somebody!” he challenged. Finally, “Community… surround yourself with people who are like you, on their way to discovering God’s purpose for their life. By doing so, we remind ourselves that we are doing God!

Seven ministries erected displays designed to encourage persons to join them, including the fledgling St Theresa’s Life Teen Youth Ministry, begun last October. The ministry fair was one of several initiatives comprising a wider parish revitalisation programme that intensified following the August 1 leadership conference facilitated by author and business executive, Chris Lowney.

Last October, parishioners gathered for a ‘Day of Listening & Imagination’ to hear Lowney’s perspectives for parish renewal, discuss the parish’s strengths and weaknesses, and share actionable ideas for the way forward. — Laura Ann Phillips